12 May 2013

A little bit of a filler

Hey guys,

No I haven't forgotten about the blog, nor have I put down the Nurgle Demons.  I have just been only to work on them a bit at a time.  (Summer, it seems, is the busy season at my work.)  I have the skins largely done (I need a few touch ups.)  and I'm working on all of the open sores on the squad.  So, I'm hoping that I'll be able to show them to you all soon. 

Happy Gaming!


27 April 2013

I couldn't wait for them all to be done!

Well, hello!
So, originally, I had intended to wait until the whole squad was completed before I posted them here to show them off.  But, after painting the test model, I was so excited to share them with whomever is still reading this blog!  This is totally a side project and I still am a Dark Angels player at heart.  But, every once in a while you have to branch out and do other things.  Plus, it's awesome to have a reasonable nemesis for when I get the opportunity to teach friends and new players to this awesome hobby!  So, without further ado, some other views of this model:

25 April 2013

Upcoming New Surprise Project

I've been busy for quite some time and have largely been unavailable to write on the blog for a couple months.  (As you've already seen.)  But, I haven't thrown in the towel just yet.  Now that I've graduated from school and settled into a groove at my new job, it's high time that I announce my latest intentions in the hobby land with a new(ish) project. 

13 January 2013

Dark Angel First Look Through

Hey guys, Deus here to list a few things that I noticed on a first look through the new codex.  (Or some of my friends noticed deserve to be shared.)  Overall, I feel the new codex captures the very essence of the old codecies of Dark Angel lineage.  

It's been a while! Dark Angels to the rescue!

Well, hello all of you out there!  I can't believe that it's been since just before the 6th edition of Warhammer 40K came out.  I whole heartedly apologize for this extended absence and I truly hope the next one is far shorter and far away.  After the new year, I struggled to find something to resolve to do.  (Part of the reason for my absense was the completion of a couple of life-long goals I had held, so I was a little fresh out of new ideas.)  So, that brings us to today.  The release of the new Dark Angels codex is adding fuel to that fire as well.  I think I'm going to have to resolve to resurrect this blog and periodically write to it.  I hope some of you are willing to come back and peruse!  I think I'm going to open the door to some of my other gaming hobbies from time to time as well to broaden my writing base. 

Well on to my first topic.  The new Dark Angels codex...

26 June 2012

6th Edition Musings

For those of you who are looking for yet another blog about speculations on what is or isn't sixth edition, you might want to look elsewhere.  This is mostly just a discussion on what I am excited about and perhaps a few of the rumors (everything is a rumor until the book is officially released) that are exciting me.

21 June 2012

Tyranids vs. Imperial Guard

Well, I got another great game in with my old Army buddy.  I'm gonna call him 1SG for the purposes of the blog.  This time around, he decided he wanted to play with his Tyranids and I wanted to play my Imperial Guard.  I played a very typical list for me, that is well known around these parts for being VERY vehicle heavy.  To be honest, I hadn't seen much of 1SGs version of the 'nids around before.  It's awesome to see armies that aren't played all that often, more so variants that really shirk convention (at least what I know of it).  So, on to the explaination of the game.  The board was set up by 1SG, with the intent on having a city center/plaza with boulevards leaving a central area.  (I don't have any roads built/painted just yet, so your imagination is required to see the boulevards.)  We rolled a Capture and Control mission with a Spearhead deployment.  1SG won the dice off to see who deployed first and he chose his corner.