27 May 2012

Location, Location, Location!

So, today was spent mostly hanging out with my best friend building terrain so our mostly woodland style table will eventually be able to make the transition into a full-fledged cityfight table.  I will say now, with plenty of certainty, GW's urban terrain sets will compel you to make rediculously large and over the top terrrain if you're not conciously avoiding that very problem.

I'm going to show all of the terrain for you all to see.  Please forgive the fact that none of them are painted, they will soon enough feel paint on thier plastic.  But, today was primarily a building and socializing day for us.

This is the end result of all of our days work!
So, first off is all of the terrain that was built either today or during our last venture building urban terrain.  I have also included a Imperial Guard Devil Dog and a Shadowsword for scale.  That way you can clearly see just how rediculous some of those buildings really are!

All in all, we have now have seven buildings amongst which to fight our epic 40K battles!  There are six shown above and my buddy left a cathedral that he was building at home.  So, we obviously weren't able to capture it's magnificence.  However, I will say that it has about a 18" X 22" footprint!  So, by far, that is the largest building we have for our collection. 

I wanted to focus on a couple of the buildings specifically, because I don't feel that the large picture really does them justice.  First, a building that I personally built, is probably some sort of administratum office tenement or something along those lines.  I wanted to show off the idea I had for the roof, though.  It is actually a fantasy modular movement tray (tray) that I've cut to fit right along the roof rail on the cityfight terrain walls.  I also made sure that the walls were ruined sufficiently to be able to remove the ceiling so that models can be easily put inside.

Roof off
Also, I wanted to focus on my buddy's tower and landing platform.  His idea was that both were part of the same building complex, however, he wanted them to also be able to be used independantly of one another.   So, here are a couple of shots showing them in both states.  (Note: In the separated state, he intends to have a more complete looking balcony, or some other way of making it not look as if it's waiting for the shield to drop.)


I'll hopefully be posting more about our urban table over the course of the summer.  Hopefully, I'll be able to add more and more terrain, such that it truly feels as if you're fighting in the dense streets of an urban sprawl!  I hope you enjoyed these for now. 

Good Gaming!

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  1. GW Terrain kits are like k-k-k-kocaine when it comes to modelling and I have suffered from the addiction myself and made WAY too elaborate stuff for 40k. Be careful man!