10 May 2012

Welcome to the Den

Well, this is an attempt to dive into blogging (totally a day late and a few dollars short).  I want to mostly cover all aspects of my favorite hobby Warhammer 40,000.   I'll have a primary focus on the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter, although I'll add additional projects as I come up with them.  But, as of right now, I'm known locally as the Dark Angel player (they are kind to me even though I'm the red-headed step-child).   I also hope to do some coverage on my developing 'Man Cave' otherwise known as my garage.  I'm hoping to do a bit of a play-by-play this summer covering my conversion of the garage into a full blown gaming space.  I have a few other ideas in my mind for some other projects that can be shared on here!  I hope to see you all around!

P.S. I'm a total gamer so don't be too terribly surprised to see mentions of other games on here from time to time!


  1. Thanks SeerK! I hope I can keep up the pace with you big dogs!

  2. Hey! Good to see you have been illuminated by he most holy of gaming light; blogger The emperor protects.