26 June 2012

6th Edition Musings

For those of you who are looking for yet another blog about speculations on what is or isn't sixth edition, you might want to look elsewhere.  This is mostly just a discussion on what I am excited about and perhaps a few of the rumors (everything is a rumor until the book is officially released) that are exciting me.

21 June 2012

Tyranids vs. Imperial Guard

Well, I got another great game in with my old Army buddy.  I'm gonna call him 1SG for the purposes of the blog.  This time around, he decided he wanted to play with his Tyranids and I wanted to play my Imperial Guard.  I played a very typical list for me, that is well known around these parts for being VERY vehicle heavy.  To be honest, I hadn't seen much of 1SGs version of the 'nids around before.  It's awesome to see armies that aren't played all that often, more so variants that really shirk convention (at least what I know of it).  So, on to the explaination of the game.  The board was set up by 1SG, with the intent on having a city center/plaza with boulevards leaving a central area.  (I don't have any roads built/painted just yet, so your imagination is required to see the boulevards.)  We rolled a Capture and Control mission with a Spearhead deployment.  1SG won the dice off to see who deployed first and he chose his corner.

10 June 2012

Short Absence Over

Hey everyone!  I really apologize about not being on for the last week and a half.  My wife and I had our one year anniversary and we had a week long trip planned.  I had intended to mention it BEFORE leaving, but as we all know well, real life happened and I wasn't able to get on here to post a warning/heads-up about my absence.  This entry is more than anything, going to be a fast-foward review of a few postable events that happened since I was last on.