13 January 2013

Dark Angel First Look Through

Hey guys, Deus here to list a few things that I noticed on a first look through the new codex.  (Or some of my friends noticed deserve to be shared.)  Overall, I feel the new codex captures the very essence of the old codecies of Dark Angel lineage.  

Let me point out a few things I've noticed:

 - The "Grim Resolve" is a very up-to-date take on the old intractable rules and stubborn.  I think it very poignantly presents the feel of warriors who will stay and fight to the bitter end.  They aren't so foolish as to not tactically retreat, but will never voluntarily run away.  My hat is off to the designers on this rule!

 - And "Inner Circle" is fearless plus!  It's just a nice way to make fearless units in the Dark Angels codex a little more stand out. 

 - The warlord traits are very well designed to give an overall tactical approach to the commander.  They very much support tactical redeployment and manouver by the army as a whole.  This gives the Dark Angels more flavor in the combined arms approach that I've always loved about them.

 - Azrael, Belial, and Sammael all allow the either the Deathwing, Ravenwing, or both to be used as troops choices.  This, of course, is old news, but I want to point out that they can't be taken in the old elite or fast attack slots anymore.  There are plenty of other choices to fill those slots, and I've yet to see any netlisting that has violated this, but I think it's worth mentioning.  These variants become troops exclusively, not both troops and whatnot.

 - Regular Veterans (Both as a squad and in a command squad) no longer are fearless, they are merely Grim Resolve.  Not a terrible distinction, but should be noted in the transition from old book to new.  They may run on you. 

 - Dark Angels now have both the Drop Pod Assault rules presented before by Codex: Space Marines, AND still have Deathwing Assault.  This might present some interesting ways to combo, especially considering drop pods can have locator beacons attached.   I see some first wave, second wave shenanigans coming.

 - Razorbacks can have twin-linked assault cannons!  Thank you, Emperor!  I love me some assault cannons. 

 - The only weapon I love more than assault cannons is plasma!  And boy, do the Dark Angels bring them in spades to the battlefield.  I particularly like the touch of Deathwing with them!  (Probably not as practical as other options, but man do I love it!)

 - Ravenwing Jet Fighters, yes please!  I know that flyers have only really (Forgeworld not withstanding) entered the pitch of a standard Warhammer 40K game recently.  But, this really is a long time coming.  I really can't imagine anything else fitting as a fast reconaissance/support vehicle better than a jet fighter.

 - Lastly, certainly not least, are the variant Land Raiders.  I have looked longingly on everyone else's variants for quite some time.  Now, I shall have my own. 

It is truly a happy day in the Den, and time will show that many of our wallets are much thinner.  But, I venture to say, that all that will end up being money and time well spent!

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