25 April 2013

Upcoming New Surprise Project

I've been busy for quite some time and have largely been unavailable to write on the blog for a couple months.  (As you've already seen.)  But, I haven't thrown in the towel just yet.  Now that I've graduated from school and settled into a groove at my new job, it's high time that I announce my latest intentions in the hobby land with a new(ish) project. 

Now, I've always been (at least at heart) a Dark Angels player.  In fact, I've always been keen on the main battle/reserve companies.  That certainly hasn't changed and with the new codex out there, I'm downright giddy at all the opportunities.  The only problem, is I have a painted Dark Angels army...  Painted in a manner (following WYSIWYG) that doesn't really capitalize on all of the new tricks and gimmicks that one can pull out of the new codex. 

So, I've decided to build/paint a new army from scratch.  I've been feeling the modelling/painting itch something fierce as of late, so I get to satisfy it.   So, that's the announcement of sorts.  I'm going to be building and painting a new army in the next few weeks/months.  There is one catch, however, I'm not revealing any details on the army until it's built (in terms of models and whatnot).  I'm hoping for a bit of a surprise at the end.  

So, hopefully it won't be another four months before I update the blog again.  But, I do have a project that already has primer drying as we speak. I'm excited and I'm hoping to reveal at least some of it soon!

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