27 April 2013

I couldn't wait for them all to be done!

Well, hello!
So, originally, I had intended to wait until the whole squad was completed before I posted them here to show them off.  But, after painting the test model, I was so excited to share them with whomever is still reading this blog!  This is totally a side project and I still am a Dark Angels player at heart.  But, every once in a while you have to branch out and do other things.  Plus, it's awesome to have a reasonable nemesis for when I get the opportunity to teach friends and new players to this awesome hobby!  So, without further ado, some other views of this model:

Front (oblique)

Rear (slightly oblique)

 Remember, this is only the *test* model but, I am extremely pleased with the overall color scheme so will end up being a member of the final team.  (Congratulations on being suitably disgusting, Mr. Test Model!)  I do see that some of the teeth could use a little touching up and may well go back and do that, but these are ultimately just going to be troops.  This is certainly up to my tabletop standards.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this.  I'll definately be posting the rest of the squad when I'm done with them.  And as always...

Good gaming!

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