26 June 2012

6th Edition Musings

For those of you who are looking for yet another blog about speculations on what is or isn't sixth edition, you might want to look elsewhere.  This is mostly just a discussion on what I am excited about and perhaps a few of the rumors (everything is a rumor until the book is officially released) that are exciting me.

So first off, I was getting a little tired of 5th edition.  I think it played very well, and ultimately was a pretty solid game for competitive play.  Now, I've never really been a fan of competitive play, so that really wasn't a selling point for me.  But, I can appreciate there are people who prefer that play style.  But, the rumors are really seeming to settle on a much more cinematic style of play that lends itself to the way I prefer!  I really can't wait to see all of these changes on Saturday.  From what I can tell, there will be plenty of opportunities for all walks of gamers! 

It sounds like allies are in!  Awesome!  Now you can have that side project mean something more than just something you want to work on periodically.  Add them into your army and play them while you're working on them!  I don't really see much negative here. 

Flyers!  Finally something for my Hydra Flak Tanks to shoot at!  (LOL)  Seriously, I really hope this pans out as something that really adds to the game, but I don't see too much detriment here either.

Fortifications.   I personally don't feel there usually is enough terrain on most boards anyhow, certainly not enough that conveys any feel of a real fight.  Most of the time I see hills (level 1) that are shorter than a biker, trees that Land Raiders dwarf.  And an occasional building that is 2 or 3 levels tall, but only one on the table.  Personally, I've been out in the real world and know that most of the time trees are HUGE compared to vehicles and the same with hills.  And buildings, while might be few and far between, rarely do you see a nice dormitory or apt. building in isolation.  So, rant aside, fortifications adds something to the game that was seriously lacking.  And in my games (at home) I don't really think forts are going to do much to the dynamic of the game.

Hull Points!  I love this idea!  It seems an elegant way to deal with glancing hits that still gives them the ability to destroy a vehicle, but doesn't effect the vehicle as a glancing hit should.  It was pretty simple to simply lock down a nuisance vehicle with glancing hits and they would at the very least not be able to shoot on their turn.  This really nails it for me!  I don't know, but I like that they don't do ANYTHING, but enough of them will reduce your vehicle to slag.  This is just great!

Psychic powers.  Now, I don't know anything about what they do in this new iteration of the game.  But, I do love the idea of the cards.  I really have always liked the magic phase in Fantasy, and I hope that this is a little bit a play in that direction.  I think that psychers have always been a long-time favorite of mine and I would like to see them returned to a place of glory. 

Well, there are certainly more points that I could address, but I'll be saving them for after I actually read the book!  I might be doing one last battle report in 5th edition tomorrow with my army buddy, 1SG.  But, we'll see about that.  Otherwise, I'll be waiting with baited breath like you all for Saturday!

Good Gaming!

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