10 June 2012

Short Absence Over

Hey everyone!  I really apologize about not being on for the last week and a half.  My wife and I had our one year anniversary and we had a week long trip planned.  I had intended to mention it BEFORE leaving, but as we all know well, real life happened and I wasn't able to get on here to post a warning/heads-up about my absence.  This entry is more than anything, going to be a fast-foward review of a few postable events that happened since I was last on. 

First, and by far the biggest news (in my opinion), is the announcement of what is probably the release of sixth edition by the end of the month!!  I have somewhat put the hobby on a hiatus until sixth edition comes out, and this is spectacular news as I won't (probably) be waiting much longer.  I am totally excited about this and I really hope that this renews my fires when it comes to building and painting models!

Second,  I haven't given up my project that I've been working on.  I have made the executive decision to not post update photos weekly anymore though.  It's not that I'm hiding anything, I just figure at the rate I'm losing weight, it's really not going to be all that noticeable for a bit.  So, I might have an update photo once a month or even longer in between.  But, I will still weekly update on the progress.  As this is a flash forward this week I will say that I'm down to 313 lbs.  So, I'm still losing, just not at a breakneck pace.  (Some of this might well be that I was on vacation for a week.) 

Last,  I did actually play that game that I promised about in the last post.  I will say that I lost resoundingly to the Space Wolves (big surprise), but it was one of the best games I've gotten in in a long time!  It helps to play with a good friend/brother that not only has been a friend for a long time, but also a fellow war-veteran which makes that friendship even stronger.  Those of you who have been there know what I'm talking about.  But, I do have a few pictures that will show how it looked on the battlefield.  I will say that my friends' army is painted spectacularly, with only a couple of miniatures that weren't as he was trying just a couple of variations that haven't been painted yet.  It looked awesome to have two painted armies battling on the table, if only the terrain was painted then it would have been amazing.  Oh well, it gives me something to shoot for!  And without further ado,

Space Wolves Deployment (and turn one)
(Dawn of War)
Dark Angel Deployment
Dark Angel force arriving turn one
Deathwing deepstriking into the thick of it
(those who know me know this is their MO)
Testament to Space Wolves battle drills!
(This was a to-hit, armor pen., and damage result roll)
There aren't too many more pictures that tell the story. The deathwing performed admirably as they usually do (when they don't get lost in the warp).  But, ultimately the Space Wolves wanted the victory much more than the Dark Angels...  It was a great game, and I hope to have more in the near future!

Good Gaming!

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