21 June 2012

Tyranids vs. Imperial Guard

Well, I got another great game in with my old Army buddy.  I'm gonna call him 1SG for the purposes of the blog.  This time around, he decided he wanted to play with his Tyranids and I wanted to play my Imperial Guard.  I played a very typical list for me, that is well known around these parts for being VERY vehicle heavy.  To be honest, I hadn't seen much of 1SGs version of the 'nids around before.  It's awesome to see armies that aren't played all that often, more so variants that really shirk convention (at least what I know of it).  So, on to the explaination of the game.  The board was set up by 1SG, with the intent on having a city center/plaza with boulevards leaving a central area.  (I don't have any roads built/painted just yet, so your imagination is required to see the boulevards.)  We rolled a Capture and Control mission with a Spearhead deployment.  1SG won the dice off to see who deployed first and he chose his corner.

1SG and his army deployed in the foreground.
I then chose to split my forces between those who were either fire support and taking the opposing objective and those who were going to stand fast on our objective.

My unpainted (as of yet) Imperial Guard
Finally 1SG had a unit of Genestealers that he wanted to infiltrate on my flank, severely hampering my plans.

20 Genestealers!  (With a broodlord...)
(It's important to note that my objective was in the small covered ruin near my table corner, and 1SGs was on the top of the hill in his corner.)

So, to be honest, the most notible thing to happen in the first turn was 1SGs genestealers mad rushing and multiple charging into my line of chimeras and hydras.  This caused quite a bit of devastation in the early moves of the game, severely hindering my ability to dish out a large amount of medium strength firepower!

So long Hydra Flak Tanks (and a Chimera)!
I responded by attempting to outflank the tyranids around the large ruined cathedral at the end of the board.  I had hoped my firepower would win the day at my objective and I would surprise the tyranids with my flanking manouver.

Flanking Manouver
But, the Hive Mind was far too clever to be decieved by too simple a gambit...

Who surprised who?
Meanwhile, back at base, things were looking pretty grim.

So, there were a squad of hormaguants, a squad of genestealers, a squad of warriors and (off-screen) a very pissed off carnefex... This was not my lucky day.  But, the men did fight admirably to the last, refusing to give up thier fuel stores without a fight.  Even bolstering a neighboring squad to try to retake the building after it had been overrun by 'nids.  (Foolish, foolish)

"You want us to go WHERE, sarge?!?"
But, this day was not to be won by the Imperium...  We lost both our tactical refueling depot and our store of ammunition to the tyranid infestation.

Imperial Fuel is delicious!
Ammo is the only thing more delicious than fuel!
(Ammo obj. was just to the right of the pic.)

Ultimately, it was an awesome game against a stellar opponent.  I always relish the games I get to play with good friends, as they always are a blast.  I'm lucky enough to get to play with 1SG nearly every week now.  So, perhaps you'll see more of my defeats soon enough! (LOL)

Good Gaming!

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